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Innovative way to online Medical Meetings

About Medical Meeting Software

This is a cloud-based (nothing to download) application for medical professionals and Healthcare workers to connect with each other for variety of scenarios such as:

  • Case discussion in the form of medical board

  • Admin meetings to include those who cannot physically join

  • Job Interviews

  • Performance Appraisals


The service has an extremely low latency HD Video communication (two-way) with nothing to download.  The internet bandwidth demand for any video participant is minimized to 0.5 MB per sec upload which if drops further will still allow audio communication.

Standard Features​​

  • Up to 6 Video participants can join at one time whereas each participant can click to enlarge a particular video window

  • Share Slides, Images and pdf files (uploaded files)

  • Share your desktop screen (slides or videos)

  • Multi-color drawing tool with erase button to draw on slides

  • User "Projector View" button to display the meeting on a large clear screen (Auditorium setting)

  • Send invitations to other users of our service to become Contacts for instant meeting, messaging or file transfer service

  • Invite for Video Meeting those who do not have an account on the service or not your contacts.  Control their audio or video inputs while hosting the meeting.

  • Project your logo to other's screens while being a meeting host to highlight your brand

Professional Features  (in addition to Standard)

  • Up to 24 Video participants can join at one time whereas each participant can click to enlarge a particular video window

  • Capture, Show and Draw on any Video Frame to enhance concept elaboration  (CSD feature)

  • Record your meetings in MP4 format

  • Have key information placed at the click of a customizable button for all guests for instant display of Speaker's CV, Meeting Agenda, Key Diagram etc​

Two Functional Models

  • Standard - Live Video meetings limited to 6 Online Participants including the host with all the standard features

  • Professionals - Live Video meetings up to 24 participants with standard plus professional features as listed above

Optional Features (for any of the above models)

  • Book a Meeting module with auto notifications and reminders

  • Manage Meeting Minutes for more productive outcome with auto-emailing to key participants

Two Business Models (for each functional model)

  • Medical City Online branded platform                                                  You can have your own digital space at our website.  The home page, header and footer will reflect our brand while within your space, limited co.branding options are available.  Subscription fee is charged based upon the number of user accounts taken

  • White labelled Platform with customization                                        The software is re-branded to include a white labelled home page, header and footer with logo display throughout at a custom domain name.  The costs include one off branding fee with recurring charges based upon number of accounts taken. 

Rolling screenshots of Medical Meeting Software

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