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The Doctor will see you (on the computer) now: Telehealth's time has come

During the pandemic, the old waiting room phrase "the doctor will see you now" has taken on a new meaning. So has the waiting room. Our kitchen table or living room couch is where many people do work lately, and that includes visits to the doctor. New research from Syracuse University's Falk College indicates this method of health care will continue even after COVID numbers are (hopefully) reduced.

"I was surprised by the results," said the study's lead author Bhavneet Walia, assistant professor of public health at Syracuse University. "I initially thought that, because of the challenges of telehealth, physicians would not be in favor of continuing post-pandemic. It turns out they do. But make no mistake, there are challenges." Among them is the technology itself. Internet connectivity along with software and hardware require money and training. And this is just on the side of the physician (a future study will probe patient relationships with telehealth). "We saw training went up for physicians during our survey period," which Walia said was from July to September of 2020. Findings of the study can be found in JMIR Human Factors.

In order to develop the survey, Walia collaborated with two physicians from the Syracuse Veterans Administration hospital. Between them they created a series of questions that could provide in