Telemedicine within Orthopaedics - Utility and Advantages

Orthopaedic Teleconsultations

The advent of Telemedicine has taken the medical field by storm over the last half-century. The specialty of Orthopaedic Surgery is no exception to this development. Orthopaedic Teleconsultations have proven to be highly useful and advantageous to associated healthcare providers and target patient populations.

Extending bone and joint care access to underserved demographics, eliminating cumbersome drawbacks of in-person office visits, and providing health professionals with means of offering remote musculoskeletal health services at their convenience are the main advantages of Telemedicine within Orthopaedics.

Telemedicine has emerged as a force to revolutionize the delivery of healthcare across all medical specialties; however, Orthopaedic Surgery in particular is a field that stands to benefit extraordinarily from integrat