Blockchain technology to equip scientists and drug developers

Caywon Pharmaceuticals Group has adopted blockchain technology to equip scientists with the necessary IT tools to translate their requirements into a digital workflow by using Crowd Machine. Dr. Matthew Lee, VP of Innovations at Caywon explains more.

In addition to being able to develop blockchain applications with zero-code, scientists can develop simulations to run on the global network of computers. With this, Crowd Machine’s ability to use blockchain can ensure data integrity, security, and privacy.

The platform additionally provides an internal economic incentive to source computational resources so that computations can be done with predictable and reliable performance. These attributes make it possible for decentralized application adoption in computational drug design.To understand more about the platform, Digital Journal spoke with Dr. Matthew Lee, from Caywon.Digital Journal: What are the main challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry?Dr. Matthew Lee: One of the biggest challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry right now is counterf