Blood Pressure Lowered by Probiotics

There are plenty of medical practitioners who will repeat that eating “too much salt” will increase your likelihood of developing high blood pressure. There’s a lot of new information on that from a growing number of scientists, and it’s a salty debate; in fact, Dr. Sean C. Lucan of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine refuted the premise behind then-New York City health czar, Dr. Thomas Farley’s “war on salt” campaign as far back as 2010, calling it “misguided” and asserting:

“We do not know that reducing mean population sodium intake would decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease or save lives … For some high-risk heart patients, some studies show, a low-salt diet ‘actually leads to worse cardiovascular disease and early death.’”

So if the biggest culprit in high blood pressure isn’t eating too much salt, what can be done to lower your blood pressure? One solution resides with your gut bacteria, as regularly consuming probiotics could help relieve your symptoms. Scientists reviewed data from nine studies, all scrutinizing the associations between probiotics and blood pressure. All combined, 543 adults with either normal or high blood pressure levels participated. The researchers concluded: