How Technology Fuels Anxiety Symptoms in the Modern World

Anxiety symptoms have never been so common before. Among the factors that cause anxiety disorders, technology plays a huge role.

It’s a tech-savvy world, one cannot deny that. And has technology become an integral part of our lives? Has it taken over basic functions and very comfortably made its place in our day-to-day pattern or living? Yes, absolutely.

Now, this isn’t necessarily a very bad thing or something to be alarmed about because technology comes with an array of advantages as well. Technology has successfully enhanced our standards of living and has also made it easier and more advanced for those of us who appreciate it.

However, there is a downside to it, one that it is slowly but surely creeping into the lives of many, creating havoc and increasing anxiety symptoms as it trudges forward. Let’s acknowledge the existence today of “Tech-anxiety.”

What Is Tech-Anxiety?

It’s nothing but anxiety caused by something that is run by or relies on technology to exist. This can be anything that you might be using on a daily basis – your phone, laptop, tablets, emails, social media and social interaction platforms, etc.

Technology is what gave birth to many of these mediums through which the world became “smaller” and connecting with strangers from around the world became easier. Really though, all the advancement kept aside, how much good did it do for the growth of humanity emotionally and mentally?

This is where tech-anxiety comes in as a concept. The various fears and stigmas attached to the platforms that technology offers often cause internal chaos for those who already find it hard to deal with the world and its ways.

5 Ways Technology Fuels Anxiety Symptoms

How often have you felt inferior looking at someone online? Or maybe felt the pressure to “post more often” or be more visible virtually for people to remember you and accept you? These are just some examples of how modern technology fuels anxiety symptoms.

Here are five ways in which tech-anxiety can have adverse effects on your life, both personally and professionally:

The great complex

It’s almost become a norm now to post everything we do on social media. Be it a vacation, a private celebration or even the purchase of something new. While it does give people the chance to share their experiences with the world, it also, unfortunately, creates an artificial benchmark for people around them.

Feeling the need to do things just to make it look like your life is no less adventurous or fulfilled is a serious problem because it creates a mind-block. It also creates various psychological complexes and makes people feel less of themselves, which can eventually result in anxiety symptoms.

Here’s a tip

You don’t HAVE TO share everything on a social platform. Be happy for the ones who do and are comfortable doing so, but don’t let someone else’s lifestyle choices affect yours.

Body image and stereotyping

Another very rampant problem with tech platforms is the posting of images and putting physical appearance under various boxes and categories. A certain body type is considered “perfect” while other types are not, eventually creating a standard for people that not everyone might be able to fit into.

Now, there are 2 ways you can approach this.

  1. The first one would be to create a “good” and “bad” distinction, which is sure to create a divide and also cause major self-image problems in people.

  2. The second would be to motivate people to take care of themselves and approach it from a health and fitness angle.

Either way, it causes anxiety symptoms in many and can lead to serious mental issues in people who aren’t as confident of themselves.

Here’s a tip: