1 In 5 People Would Switch Doctors For Video Visits

Two-thirds of consumers say they’ve delayed seeking care for a health problem. People do this because it costs too much (23%), it takes too long to see the doctor (23%), they think the issue will go away on its own (36%), or they’re just too busy (13%), according to a survey by telehealth company American Well.

Of the people who have delayed seeing a doctor, almost a third were facing a serious health issue, the survey found. Ignoring a serious problem can create health complications, and even skipping regular health care can lead to difficulties if a minor issue escalates.

What might help these consumers get their problems dealt with? Video doctor visits, the survey suggests. Two thirds of consumers would see a doctor over video—a practice that could cut down dramatically on the amount of time it takes to get care. Consider that the average in-office visit takes 121 minutes, including 101 minutes of commute and waiting room time—only 20 minutes with the doctor.