What to Expect From Toddler Technology in 2017

According to the CDC, there were nearly 4 million babies born last year. That means that roughly eight million new parents are looking for ways to care for the newest addition to their family.

With technology exploding at an unprecedented rate, these are exciting times in a proud parent’s life. But the stress of taking care of an infant can be pretty overwhelming.

Luckily, technology is stepping in to make the process of raising a child a little bit easier. Here’s what you can expect from the technology world when it comes to your little ones.

Monitoring Vital Signs

I had the privilege of serving as a volunteer First Responder during my college years. While other students were out partying it up and creating 911 calls, I was busy responding to them.

When we ventured off-campus and into the surrounding suburbs, I dealt with a number of stressful emergencies involving infants. The number one thing I learned was that an infant’s vital signs can plummet very, very quickly. One minute they feel a little warm to the touch, but appear happy and smiling. The next moment they’re unresponsive.

The most exciting area where technology is affecting infant care is in equipment used to monitor vital signs. For example, the pacifier thermometer is a cool gadget that measures a baby’s temperature while they enjoy the calming effects of a traditional pacifier. This is just one of many cool gadgets designed to make monitoring a baby’s health easier and less of a struggle. Have you ever taken a baby’s temperature with a rectal thermometer? Trust me, gadgets like the pacifier thermometer ar