Examining a patient over Internet

Basic health services provided by the system is a necessity and an efficient unit that provides easily accessible, available and affordable health service truly determine the functional capacity of the nation as a whole. In these times of technological advancement and a drastic leap towards the understanding of the human physiology and a better grasp at the various pathologies have enabled us to minimise the morbidity and mortality of the diseases which previously had been responsible for many deaths. As time passes, our understanding grows, and we strive to make the health care as efficient as possible. A paramount factor in the efficiency of a health care system has always been established as “Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment”.

To achieve this objective, medical professionals have devised many ways to shorten the time to reach a diagnosis. Such includes many screening tests with a specificity for particular diseases which enables us to start working on minimising its morbidity and potentially saving the life of a patient. Many a time there comes a situation where this real objective could have been reached if the patient had consulted with their physicians sooner. Moreover, due to certain limitations faced by the patients, they are unable to get us in time. In this age of mass communication and globalisation of the world, it is best to utilise the various means of communications so that our patients can receive the necessary care they have a right to.