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Our Telehealth and Tele-education Services

Telemedicine based Healthcare Delivery Solutions

Medical City Online provides Telemedicine Consultancy, Deployment and Training to Private, Government, and Armed Forces sectors to solve Healthcare issues in following areas:

  • Access to a Healthcare Professional 

  • Upscaling the Quality of Healthcare

  • Improving Economy of Healthcare

  • Solving Volumen and Capacity Issues

The overall effect of reducing disease burden can revolutionalize delivery of Healthcare in quick time in a cost effective and affordable way.  Few of our operating models in Telehealthcare include:

  • Connecting Outpatient Services of Hospitals to distant Clinics, Pharmacies or Path Labs thus making a doctor available while raising revenue stream of the hospital

  • Converting Basic Health Units in remote areas to Specialist Care Centres by connecting them to main city Specialists using combination of Medical City Online's Software merged seamlessly with suitable smart medical gadgets like stethoscope, otoscope, ECG machine, Ultrasound scanner, Slit Lamp etc

  • Creating Telemedicine Hubs and Spokes for Specialist Telemedicine practice such as Teledermatology, Telecardiology, Tele-woundcare etc

  • Creating International Telemedicine Spokes and connecting them to Specialists in a different country 

  • Telemedicine in a Box facility for ultra-portable healthcare delivery in under-priviledged areas or in special situations like war and riots

  • Telemedicine empowered Ambulances and Mobile Clinics

  • Digital Medical Triage Clinics in catchment towns of Tertiary Hospitals to minimize over-crowding of their Outpatient units, solving Volume and Capacity issues

  • Telemedicine Services for Airlines and Cruise Ships

  • Telemedicine Self-check Kiosks in commercial areas

  • Onsite Telemedicine facility for Schools

  • Onsite Telemedicine facility for employees of large offices

  • Supervised Tele-surgery facility for operative procedures using a monitor such as Angioplasty, Arthroscopy, Endoscopy etc

  • Medical Board formation to provide clinical opinions for complicated cases 

  • Digitalizing large private hospitals including OPD, in-patient, operation theatres etc improving their efficiency and collaboration for a more efficient healthcare.

  • Setting up Teleradiology and Telepathology Services

Facilitating Online Medical Education

Medical City Online's academic and technical faculties provide an array of services to Healthcare Professionals:

  • Telemedicine Certification for both Coordinators and Clinicians, duly accredited and delivered online   

  • Online Classroom in Medical Institutions

  • Live Streaming of Medical Conferences through our digital broadcasting gateway in London

  • Bringing remote Speakers via Medical City Online's Digital Link for a two-way participation in Medical Conferences

  • Setting up Q n A sessions with the remote speakers

  • Online MCQs for the in-person and online audience

  • Monitoring of Teaching Quality from a Central Dashboard

Virtual Meeting Rooms for Medical Professionals

Medical City Online's facilitates Online Medical Meetings overcoming distane barrier through it's HD Video Conferencing Platform, designed for following services:

  • Medical Board Discussions for complicated cases  

  • Small Group Coaching (up to 24 participants)

  • Post-graduate Teaching e-Ward Rounds

  • Medical Admin Meetings

  • Medical Interviews

Live Streaming of Medical Conferences & Interviews

Medical City Online partners with Web Broadcasting Services to provide the following services at your Medical Conferences:

  • Live Stream the Medical Conference

  • Connect a remote Speaker in two way format enabling interaction with the audience

  • Enable multi-presenter screen having in-person and virtual speakers join across the single deck

  • Bring all action in one single screen, such as Slides, Virtual Speakers, In-person Speakers, Audience along with the Question/Answer session

  • Setup on Online Polls

  • Setup post-lecture MCQs on screen

  • Record the whole event in HD Video

  • Editing and packaging of the recorded event for publishing

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