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Medical City Online invites you to be a member of an elite club of highly qualified & experienced medical and allied healthcare professionals from around the world.  The membership will empower you to have your own Web Clinic, your personalized Webinar portal and several other benefits, besides being able to connect with your fellow professionals.


Our Basic Membership is complimentary offering you several features as listed below.  The Premium Membership provides you with more sophisticated version of the features.

Your Online Clinic for Tele-consultations

Medical City Online's web team will provide you a personalized Online Clinic Portal.  You will be able to offer Tele-consultations to your patients from anywhere in the world from your office, home or while travelling to keep your practice flow uninterrupted.  Your Online Clinic space shall be your Virtual Practice Base.

Your Medical Webinar Live Studio

Our web team shall create a personalized "Live Medical Webinar Studio" for you.  You will be provided professional online tools to do interactive "Online Medical Presentations" from the comfort of your office/home to anywhere in the world.  You can invite your colleagues to do Multi-presenter Talks as well.  

Your own Virtual Video Meeting Room

We provide you a personalized Online Video Meeting Room for medical or business meetings in real time video.  You can present slides, images, videos or use a whiteboard to illustrate your point to meeting participants who may be joining you from various countries.  This can be your virtual office 24/7 as a fixed web address.  

Your Mobile Video Communication App

You will be offered an account on our Video Communication App empowering you with a push-button video or audio call with your colleagues at Medical City Online network anywhere in the world.  You are not able to connect 24/7 but also can share your slides or images over the mobile devices without needing a telephone number. 

Your Interview on medical topic

Medical City Online's healthcare media team shall offer you Live or Recorded Web Interviews at various stages using our advanced "Online TV Studio Software Technology".  Our marketing team shall connect your interview to relevant audience for both Public Health Awareness topic or a Medical Subject. 

Publish your articles in our e-Magazine

Medical City Online's e-magazine is place to publish your peer to peer review articles sharing your experience for a wider dissemination.  You can split a long article into small sections for focused opinion sharing or simply to judge response of your peers before your final submission to a medical journal.

Receive our fortnightly e-Newsletter

Medical City Online's fortnightly e-Newsletter contains updated information on Digital Health.  It will keep our growing list of recipients informed about your published articles, interviews, dates of the Medical City Online's Web Conferences and other relevant news in the world of Digital Health. 

Speak at our Live Medical Web Summits 

Medical City Online will offer you to be speaker at our regular Web Summits where you shall join fellow members of International Medical Faculty.  Updating medical knowledge on live web summits while connecting with colleagues across many countries would be the outcome.  

Join us 

We would be delighted to have you on-board.  Should you be interested, please click to fill the Online Form and Medical City Online's membership team shall respond to your email to set things up for you.

Summary of Basic Membership Features

  • Your Web Clinic for Online Consultations

  • Personalized Medical Webinar Studio

  • Your own Virtual Video Meeting Room

  • Your Mobile Video Communication App

  • Your Interview on public or medical topic

  • Publish your articles in our e-Magazine

  • Speak at our Live Medical Web Summits

  • Receive our fortnightly e-Newsletter