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Journey of Medical City Online

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April 2020:  Briefing given to the President of Pakistan on Telemedicine Corona Helpline

APPNA, the largest organization of overseas Pakistani doctors joins hands with Medical City Online at the National Telemedicine Corona Helpline, one of its projects where people movement is limited by providing free medical advice at home via online teleconsultations round the clock.

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April 2020:  Briefing given to the President of Pakistan on Telemedicine Corona Helpline

The Chairman Medical City Online briefs the President of Pakistan over a Live Video Link from London at a meeting in University of Health Sciences Lahore Pakistan about national impact on healthcare caused by the Governor-CM Punjab Telemedicine Corona Helpline based upon it's website,

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March 2020:  Medical City Online's Telemedicine website gets featured at BBC TV program"

BBC TV in one of it's programs featuers Medical City Online's project of Telemedicine as a novel solution to limiting Corona epidemic by encouraging people to stay at home while seeking for medical advice over a Teleconsultation as demonstrated by Medical City Online's Chief Medical Advisor, Prof Dr Angus Wallace during a live medical online consultation with a real patient.

Corona Telemed Helpline (42).jpg

March 2020:  Medical City Online designs the Telemedicine based Corona 24/7 Helpline for Pakistan"

Medical City Online offers to the Government of Punjab in it's campaign of "Fighting Corona" where the Provincial Govneror inaurugates it officially in a ceremony at University of Health Sciences Pakistan.  MCO's Chairman gives briefing over video link to help launch the website as "Governor-CM Punjab Telemedicine Corona Helpline".


March 2020:  Prof Dr Angus Wallace joins Medical City Online as the Chief Medical Advisor

Prof Dr Angus Wallace joins Medical City Online as it's Chief Medical Advisor to help pave the way further to implementing the company's Telehealth Solutions across England and beyond.  Prof Wallace brings in wealth of experience being Chair of FCI (Faculty of Clinical Informatics) and Former Head of Healthcare Informatics of Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.  The joining was honoured by Prof Javed Akram, Vice Chancellor of University of Health Sciences Pakistan at a ceremony taken place at Royal College of Physicians, London, UK.


March 2020:  Medical City Online shares the idea of "Limiting Corona Epidemic via Telemedicine Helpline"

Medical City Online Chairman, Dr Suhail Chughtai gets invited by Pak Society of Internal Medicine President, Prof Dr Javed Akram at the inaugural Press Conference to present a solution to limiting Corona Epidemic by assisting people with free medical advice at home through a purpose designed website.


March 2020:  Medical City Online joins hand with two large Educational Institutes in research collaboration"

Medical City Online Chairman, Dr Suhail Chughtai participates in the meeting between Vice Chancellor Univ of Health Sciences Pakistan & Education Dept of Queen Mary College London, UK, offering the Digital Education Platform for online teaching.  The delegation from Pakistan later gets a tour of Queen Mary College.

12888 06-Mar-20 02.39.38.jpg

Feb 2020:  Medical City Online presents its vision to of shifting paradigm of Healthcare delivery in Zurich

Medical City Online was invited present at a Healthcare Investor's Conference setup by Aevolve in Zurich, Switzerland.   Mr Bud Zborowski , the Medical City Online's CEO delivered an insight to our pathway of  Digital Healthcare Delivery.  Telemedicine is going to be the Medicine was echoed and well reflected by the large international audience.  MCO's visioin of remote healthcare delivery was presented with supporting evidence of the evolving industry of Telehealth.

Suhail Chughtai (24).jpg

Jan 2020:  Medical City Online contributes to Middle East & North African Telemedicine Conference in Dubai

Medical City Online was invited to the above significant event in Dubai where leading Healthcare Executives from 9 countries of the region participated.  Representing Medical City Online, it's Chairman, Dr Suhail Chughtai led the plenary session on "Effective Deployment of Telemedicine in Community".  The day long conference proved to be an engaging digital health platform for Medical City Online as world's leading Telehealth portals representatives from USA, Europe, Middle East & Sub-continennt got involved in dialogue.

Pan Arab Telemed Conf  (125).jpg

Dec 2019: Medical City Online stages "Pan Arab Telemedicine Conference 2019" in UAE

Medical City Online stages "Pan Arab Telemedicine and Artificial Intelligene Conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE on 7-8 December. Over 24 International Speakers participated from USA, UK, Singapore, Pakistan, UAE, Saudi Arabia and South Africa taking the audience through diverse range of topics. Medical City TV streamed the conference Live taking joined by over 1200 virtual participants. Fervent support by the region's medical event management firm, SMAC (Star Medical Assistance Centre) proved to be great help.

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Nov 2019: Medical City Online shares the concept of Blockchain empowered Telemedicine, London UK

Medical City Online introduces the concept of Blockchain Empowered Telemedicine Software at "Unblocked Healthcare" Annual event in London UK, setup by Helen Disney.  MCO's chairman, Dr Suhail Chughtai presented the concept through slides sharing design of Telemedicine Software with enhanced Blockchain security embedded seamlessley within a unified Tele-healthcare portal

Lift Pak 2019  (20).jpeg

Nov 2019: Medical City Online gets represented at the Annual Digital Healthcare Conference in Pakistan

Dr Suhail Chughtai, representing Medical City Online participates in the panel discussion at the largest Digital Healthcare event of the year, emphasizing how Telemedicine can positively evolve a country's healthcare delivery systems.

Suhail Chughtai Adam Global.jpg

Sep 2019: Meedical City Online joins Adam Global as it's Healthcare Vertical Partner in Berlin, Germany

Adam Global, Dubai, a global professional services firm doing business in 68 countries, announces Medical City Online as their International Healthcare Services partner at their Annual Business Seminar in Berlin, Germany. Medical City Online will feature proprietary Telehealth Software Solutions for Employees of large businesses throughout Adam Global’s international corporate landscape.  Dr Suhail Chughtai delivered a talk in Berlin on "Telemedicine at workplace for employees" to share his vision on how remote healthcare delivery can benefit workplace culture in a positive way.


Aug 2019: Medical City Online delegation meets the Bestways Chairman over e-Healthcare Project

Bestway Group, a large UK based organization invites Medical City Online for a Presentation on converting their over 750 +Well Pharmacy nationwide outlets to e-Health Hubs.  

Dr Suhail Chughtai.jpg

July 2019: ZT Corporation-Altus Health, a large Healthare group in Houston invites Medical City Online

MZT Corporation, a well-established USA based Healthcare Investment Firm invites Medical City Online delegation to their Headquarter in Houston for first meeting on future partnership in setting up a Telehealth Vertical for a range of services offered by Medical City Online. The MCO team included it's Chairman and CEO who delivered a presentation to ZT Experts.

Sehat Kahani.jpg

July 2019: Sehat Kahani continues to use Medical City Online's Telemedicine Software for the third year

Sehat Kahani, a Healthcare Enterprise experienced a 4 fold growth across 25 telemedicine clinics and completes more than 100000 telehealth consultations over the last 2 years using Medical City Online Web Clinic™ software. The company will grow to 40 clinics in 2020 and scale Web Clinic ™ to 100,000 consults per year.


April 2019: Medical City Online presents to the Health Minister on e-Health Revolution in Pakistan

Emerging economies benefit from Medical City Online’s digital technology expertise. During business working sessions with the Health Minister and members of the Punjab Department of Health, Medical City Online was invited to suggest approaches to improve care delivery and access with Telemedicine.


April 2019: Medical City Online instructs a 2-Day Telemedicine Certification Course at the University

University of Health Sciences, Lahore, the academic management body for 56 Medical Colleges in Pakistan hosts 2-day Certification Course in Telemedicine for more than 600 candidates involving Medical City Online Board members, led by it's Chairman Dr Suhail Chughtai as the teaching faculty.

Pharm EVO.png

March 2019: Pharmevo selects Medical City Online as it's Telemedicine Technology Partner for a new project

Pharmevo, an International Pharmaceutical Company doing business in Northern Africa, Middle East, and SE Asia selected Medical City Online as their Virtual Teleconsultation Partner for Tele-psychiatry project. Medical City Online white-labelled its proprietary software, Clinic on Web™ as “Safeer e Khushi or Ambassador of Happiness” to serve as an online portal for patients needing psychiatric advice in privacy of their home.

Suhail Chughtai - Medical City Online (7

Feb 2019: Medical City Online installs e-Class Room Technology at Allama Iqbal Medical College, Lahore

Allama Iqbal Medical College, a leading Medical College in Pakistan selects Medical City Online Medical Webinars Online™ Software to connect USA and UK based medical faculty for their distance learning under-graduate education program.  The company Chairman, Dr Suhail Chughtai gives an inaugural lecture from London.


Nov 2018: Adam Global Dubai select Medical City Online for Strategic Healthcare Partnership

Medical City Online enters an agreement with Adam Global, a Dubai based Business Enterprise to become their Lead Healthcare Vertical partner with a view to engage global physicians offering them Digital Healthcare Tools for Virtual Clinical Practice and Online Medical Training.


Nov 2018: Medical City Online's Chairman gets World Peace and Prosperity Foundation Award

A personal highlight for Medical City Online's Chairman, Dr. Chughtai came in 2018 when his contributions “Changing Lives of People through Telemedicine” were recognized by the prestigious World Peace and Prosperity Foundation, House of Lords, Westminster, London, UK. The WPPF mission is to promote and advocate peace and peaceful resolution of the conflicts through discussion and better understanding of political, economic and cultural differences.


Nov 2018: Medical City Online delivers a lecture for Patientory Blockchain Healthcare in London

Medical City Online takes an active role in advancing “next-edge” medical care technology by being it's Chairman the Ambassador for Patientory Blockchain Healthcare Firm from USA. Blockchain is emerging as a game changer for healthcare and the company is prepared and getting ready for the future.

Pharm EVO eDR.png

Q-IV 2018: Pharmevo selects Medical City Online as its Telemedicine Technology partner

Pharmevo, an International Pharmaceutical Company doing business in Northern Africa, Middle East, and SE Asia selected Medical City Online as their Virtual Teleconsultation Partner. Medical City Online white-labelled its proprietary software, Web Clinic Online™ as “EvoTelemedicine” to serve a rising number of Teleconsultations engaging highly qualified Specialists from across the country.

14695 11-Apr-20 01.42.37.jpg

Q-III, 2018: Riphah University

Riphah University, a highly respected University in the capital city of Pakistan adopts Medical City Online’s “Medical Webinars Online” portal to facilitate Distance Learning extending the scope of education beyond the campus’s physical boundary under the brand name of “Riphah Webinars”.

PharmEvo Logo2.png

Q-II, 2018: Pharmevo

Pharmevo, an International Pharmaceutical Company doing business in Northern Africa, Middle East, and SE Asia selected Medical City Online as their Virtual Medical Training Partner. Medical City Online white-labelled its proprietary virtual training software, Medical Webinars Online™ as “Pharmevo Medweb” and in its first year delivered 400+ medical webinars, engaging more than 50,000 on-line physicians.

King SU_Logo_2.png

Q-I 2018: King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia commissioned Medical City Online Web Clinic™ Telemedicine Software and technology to connect their central Hospital in Riyadh 5 cities across the large geographical landscape of the country. A Clinical Education Hub uses Medical City Online’s software, Medical Webinars Online™ to train doctors, midwives, nurses and promote on-line patient-education.

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