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Operational Models

  • Self-manage your Event Broadcasting                              Using webcams and other recording cameras, live stream your event through your Laptops after learning and pracising the methodology.

  • Medical City Online team on ground to do it for you    Event filming, live streaming along with managing foreign or distant speakers to join online can be done by Medical City Online's regional partners. 

Additional Support by Medical City Online

  • Connecting your to our eminent Speakers                      Medical City Online's members in different countries who would fit your requirement for an international opinion leader can be requested to join in.

  • Support in Marketing your event

       Medical City Online can assist in spreading the word             around via its e-Newsletter, members social media etc

Examples of Events Live Broadcasted by us

  • Pan Arab Telemedicine Conference, UAE - 2019            This 2-day conference's schedule of on-stage and virtual lectures, mixed with Online Panel Discussions was managed by Medical City Online's team in UAE 

  • Patient Safety Conference, London - 2017

      The live streaming of conference and taking online              questions was managed by the Medical City London            Studio Team.

Why Online Training & Learning?

The paradigm in the world of coaching and training is fast shifting to a more time saving approach in the modern day busy life while keeping the process of education going on the fly.

Using an Online Training Portal - Trainer's perspective

  • Coach from anywhere, just need internet and laptop

  • Unlimited outreach to audience, beyond geographical distance

  • Money saving as no need to rent space or travel

  • Flexible scheduling as no travelling involved

  • Train while travelling away from base

  • Global audience base

Using an Online Training Portal - Trainee's perspective

  • Learn from anywhere, just need internet and laptop

  • Reach the class room without any geographical barriers

  • More economical to attend

  • Flexible scheduling as no travelling involved

  • Learn while travelling away from base

Features of our MEDICAL WEBINAR ONLINE system

It's a cloud based, distance teaching online portal with nothing to download. This portal is a unified online medical education system which seamlessly embeds following services:

  • Web TV 

  • Webinar 

  • Video Conferencing 

  • Online Examination & Knowledge Testing

Creating a Webinar

  • Multiple Live Video Presenters can join (up to 4 at one time)

  • Show Slides as a Live Presenter window

  • Screen sharing of your desktop

  • Use White Board to draw illustrations

  • Upload pre-recorded videos

  • Place Images and Videos on a common presentation deck for a seamless switching during a live e-lecture


Sharing or Restricting your Webinars

  • Share your webinars via Social media or email

  • Restrict your webinars via Password or monetize them

  • Limit who can join via a registration link

Presenter's interaction with the online audience

  • Have a list of online viewers available to you during the talk

  • Take questions during a Live Talk via private Question box or by bringing the attendee in a live video window

  • Open a Chat box (for public conversation between online viewers)

  • Upload document as a reference for your viewers to download

  • Receive a question or feedback via email

  • Viewers can leave an audio or video message for you

Online Knoweldge Testing or Live Feedback

  • Setup Live Polls 

  • Setup auto-timed MCQs to begin rolling as the Webinar ends

  • Autocompilation of MCQ or Polls results

Special features

  • Password restriction if needed

  • Capture user information through a an optional form 

  • Recordings can be searched by their title or description

  • Videos & Still Images can be placed side by side in a broadcast

  • Visitors can rate your broadcast (optional feature)

  • Viewer counter facility (turn on/off facility)

  • Multiple Presentation Templates for Medical Talks

  • Speaker introduction slides on popup button

  • Have Presentation Assistants operate your Live Studio remotely

  • Record your webinars and upload them later

Business Models

  • Medical City Online branded platform                                                  You can have your own digital space at our Medical Webinars Online.  The home page, header and footer will reflect our brand while within your space, limited co.branding options are available. 

  • Cost: Number of webinars agreed per month (45 min per webinar) on a yearly contract, scaled on estimated number of viewers.

  • White labelled Platform for your Organization                                       The website is re-branded to include a white labelled home page, header and footer with logo display throughout along with connection to your custom domain name.                                   

  • Cost: Number of webinars agreed per month (45 min per webinar) on a yearly contract (scaled on estimated number of viewers) plus one off branding fee.  Website licence waived off for 1st year and chargeable from 2nd year.

Medical Webinars & Live Interactive Training for eCPD


Interactive Multi-presenter Live Medical Webinars

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