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About our Medical Webinars platform:

It's a cloud based application with nothing to download. Its strength lies in being a unified online medical education system seamlessly embedding standalone services in an easy to use unified layout:

  • Web TV 

  • Webinar 

  • Video Conferencing 

Two types of Coaching
1) Coaches training their clients at a physical location.
2) Coaches training via Internet - Virtual Coaching or e-Coaching

Virtual coaching has various advantageous attributes such as:


  • Coach from anywhere, just need internet and laptop

  • Unlimited outreach to audience, beyond geographical distance

  • Money saving as no need to rent space for coaching

  • Work whenever you have time

  • Global customers base

Creating a Webinar functionality

  • Multiple Live Video Presenters facility

  • Show PowerPoint Slides, Images or pdf files while being in Live Presenter window

  • Screen sharing of your desktop

  • Upload pre-recorded videos

  • Have a choice of over 12 pre-set Presentation Templates with various combinations of input options


​Editing, Sharing or Restricting your Webinars

  • Edit your existing Webinars

  • Share your webinars via Social media or email

  • Restrict your webinars via Password 

  • Limit who can join via a registration link

Presenter's interaction with the online audience

  • Take Questions via (raise hand button for discrete question)

  • Open Chat box (for public conversation between online viewers)

  • Upload document as a reference for your viewers to download

  • Receive a question or feedback via email

Special features

  • Projector view for Presenters doing Live Training for both audience in a classroom and over the Internet

  • Password restriction if needed

  • Publish your rolling feed of Tweets straight to your personalized Medical Web Channel 

  • Capture user information through a compulsory form 

  • Recordings can be searched by their title or description

  • Videos & Still Images can be placed side by side in a broadcast

  • Email capture of the visitors can be enabled.

  • Visitors can rate your broadcast (optional feature)

  • Viewer counter facility (turn on/off facility)

  • Viewers can leave an audio or video message for you

Two Functional Models


  • All of the above features with number of simultaneous Live Presenters limited to 2 at one time.


  • All of the standard features with number of simultaneous Live Presenters extended to 6 at any time.

  • Bring any viewer who presses "Raise Hand" button during a Live talk into Digital Presentation Room for a Live Video Conversation or a Question & Answer session for other live viewers

  • Viewers can leave Audio or Video questions or comments which are retrievable at the Presenter's Message box

  • Dynamic Presentation Template where Live Speaker can switch between Video Only, Video & Slide, Video & Screenshare format during a Live Presentation (In standard, it's fixed to what you choose at the beginning).


Additional Features (optional)

  • Campus - A module where registered Presenters can be searched for their skill offered over online training classes. Organizations can also register for connecting with Speakers on regular basis for teaching sessions.

  • Book a seat on Webinar - A complete system for Online Medical Presenters/Instructors offering slots for booking

Two Business Models (for each functional model)

  • Medical City Online branded platform                                                  You can have your own digital space at our website.  The home page, header and footer will reflect our brand while within your space, limited co.branding options are available.  Subscription fee is charged based upon the number of user accounts taken

  • White labelled Platform with customization                                        The software is re-branded to include a white labelled home page, header and footer with logo display throughout at a custom domain name.  The costs include one off branding fee with recurring charges based upon number of accounts taken. 

Medical Webinars & Live Interactive Training for eCPD


Interactive Multi-presenter Live Medical Webinars

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