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Our Telehealth and Tele-education Software Products

Medical Webinars

Creating Medical Webinars is made simple while adding relevant tools for an engaging environment for Professional Medical Training, Coaching & Live Broadcasting of Medical ......  more 

Medical Teleconsultations

Virtual Clinics enriched with engaging tools for an interactive medical Tele consultation over two way live video alongside shared screen for medical records review on the fly .... more

Medical Meetings

Simple to use online live video portal for Medical Case Discussions, Admin Meetings, one to one mentoring or confidential appraisal with added facility of document sharing between up to 24 participants ..... more

Live Tele-Radiology

The idea is to facilitate Live Radiology Reporting over Internet connected PC during the scanning process. Radiologist can even guide the radiology technician in the scanning room to adjust the imagery for optimum results .... more

Live Surgery Telesupervision 

Tele-supervise a live surgical procedure to enhance safety of patient and help improve quality of surgical training.  A senior surgeon is available to view a surgical procedure live, give instructions in real time from anywhere in the world .... more