Tele-radiology - Live reporting of X-rays, Ultrasound, CT & MRI scans

About Live Tele-Radiology Software

This Tele-radiology software enables Radiologists to view and report Radiographs, Ultrasound, CT or MRI scans done by a technician at a distant location.  The removes the need of having a Radiologist in every Radiology unit thus minimizes the burden on healthcare while improving efficiency of healthcare.

Two types of Tele-radiology is available through the software:


  • Live Tele-radiology: Reporting while scanning                Radiologist can even guide the radiology technician in the scanning room to adjust the imagery for optimum results during the process of Scanning.  It also enables them to adjust the process of scanning as if they were present in the scanning.

  • Store & Forward:  Reporting on uploaded scans             Uploaded Radiographs, Scans are viewed and reported by the Radiologists with on-screen marking tool available for elaboration besides text or audio reports.


  • Screen zooming and marking facility available

  • Extremely low latency HD Video communication (two-way)

  • Low demand Internet bandwidth (o.5 MB/sec upload speed only)

  • Screenshare facility 

Two Business Models (for each functional model)

  • Medical City Online branded platform                                                  You can have your own digital space at our website.  The home page, header and footer will reflect our brand while within your space, limited co.branding options are available.                       

  • Cost: Subscription fee is on "Pay As You Earn" basis with % of report fee for each scan undertaken or downloaded for reporting. 

  • White labelled Platform under your domain                                        The software is re-branded to include a white labelled home page, header and footer with logo display throughout at a custom domain name.                                                 

  • Cost: Subscription fee is on "Pay As You Earn" basis with % of report fee for each scan undertaken for reporting plus one off white labelling fee.  Website licence waived off for 1st year and chargeable from 2nd year.