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About Live Tele-supervision Software

Our cloud-based (nothing to download) software to Tele-supervise a live surgical procedure is designed to enhance safety of the patient and help improve quality of surgical training.

A senior surgeon is available to view a surgical procedure live, give instructions in real time from anywhere in the world from a connected PC or mobile device.  


Monitor based or open operative field procedures

Both monitor dependent procedures (Arthroscopies, Endoscopies, Angioplasties) and open operative surgical operations can be supervised through our platform.  

Loop of Live Video Communication

  • Monitor used for Arthroscopy, Endoscopy or Angioplasty

  • The operating surgeon

  • The supervising surgeon

  • Classroom or group of Students

  • Additional Video Window (another observing surgeon)


  • Up to 4 Video Input Windows in any combination:                            1 monitor (angiography, arthroscopy etc) + 1 operating surgeon video + 1 remotely placed supervising surgeon + 1 camera in a classroom or a second surgeon

  • Extremely low latency HD Video communication (two-way)

  • Low demand Internet bandwidth (o.5 MB/sec upload speed only)

  • Upload Powerpoint Slides, pdf files or Images

  • Screenshare facility 

  • Supervising Surgeon can Capture, Show and Draw on a video frame for enhancing instructions during Live Surgery

  • Video Recording of the procedure and training session

  • One button click review of the case or surgeon's CV etc

  • Admin control of Audio or Video of the participants

  • Large screen projection view available

Two Business Models (for each functional model)

  • Medical City Online branded platform                                                  You can have your own digital space at our website.  The home page, header and footer will reflect our brand while within your space, limited co.branding options are available.  Subscription fee is charged based upon the number of user accounts taken

  • White labelled Platform with customization                                        The software is re-branded to include a white labelled home page, header and footer with logo display throughout at a custom domain name.  The costs include one off branding fee with recurring charges based upon number of accounts taken. 

Medical Meetings & Case Discussions


Supervising a Surgical Procedure from distance