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Our Telehealth and Tele-education Services

​Online Medical Education Services

The teaching faculty of Medical City Online offers various "duly accredited" Online Courses for capacity building of Doctors, Allied Health Professionals and  Telemedicine Coordinators on various subjects:

  • Telemedicine Practice Certification for both Coordinators and Clinicians   

  • Online Classroom for under-graduates in Private Medical Colleges and Universities

  • Post-graduate Classrooms or Teaching e-Ward Rounds

  • Connecting Speakers to Conferences for Internet based Lectures through Medical City Online's software 

  • Managing Medical Conferences through “Online Medical TV Studio”, our digital gateway in London to connect  Speakers and conference audience.  The service will enhance presenter's experience and create grounds for an engaging interaction between Speaker and the audience during Question sessions..

  • Examination following Online Lectures

  • Monitoring of Teaching Quality from a Central Dashboard

Telehealth Care Services

Medical City Online provides Consultancy, Deployment and Staff Training of Telemedicine facility to Private, Government and Armed Forces sector. 


Medical City Online can setup following range of Telemedicine solutions:

  • Assessing the Healthcare Delivery issues in a system and designing and implementing an appropriate Telemedicine Service model to resolve the problem

  • Telemedicine Services to extend outpatient catchment area of large hospitals, poly clinics, group medical practices etc

  • Telemedicine bridge for e-Ward Rounds in large Hospitals

  • e-ICU Dashboard powered by Telemedicine

  • Telemedicine Clinic Services to connect affording patients with Healthcare Specialists in USA and UK

  • Telemedicine Suitcase for ultra-portable healthcare delivery

  • Telemedicine portable units for army deployments

  • Telemedicine empowered Ambulances and Mobile Clinics

  • Specialized Telemedicine Outlets to connect patients for the  Tele-dermatology, Tele-cardiology, Tele-psychiatry services

  • Digital Medical Triage Clinics in catchment towns of Tertiary Hospitals to minimize over-crowding of their Outpatient units

  • Telemedicine Services for Airlines and Cruise Ships

  • Telemedicine Self-check Hubs in commercial areas

  • Onsite Telemedicine facility for Schools

  • Onsite Telemedicine facility for employees of large offices

  • Supervised Tele-surgery facility for operative procedures using a monitor such as Angioplasty, Arthroscopy, Endoscopy etc

  • Medical Board formation to provide clinical opinions for complicated cases