Be a Telehealth or AI Instructor at our Courses

Join our panel of Telehealth and AI Instructors

​We are keen to engage and work with "Telehealth and Artificial Intelligence" subject specialists.  Your knowledge and practical experience can inspire many through teaching at our International online courses. 


We invite you to get further acknowledgment for your talent and expertise by teaching online at our Medical University Accredited Online Courses on various subjects of Telehealth and Artificial Intelligence.  Your will not only empower global Healthcare Professionals but will also inspire them with your success in this evolving field of Medicine. 

Your Lectures will attract a suitable Speaker's Honorarium/Fee, while you gain further acknowledgement as a Subject Specialist in your area of interest and experience.

We have been organizing Digital Health, Telehealth and Artificial Intelligence Conferences and Courses delivered by our Subject Specialists in the USA, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, India and Pakistan for global Healthcare Professionals since 2017.

To join, please fill a brief online form here.  We shall reply with further information to get started.


Some of our CME Courses & Conferences on topics of Digital Health, Telehealth and Artificial Intelligence.

Nov 2021:   Innovations in Telehealth Conf, Southend, England

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June 2020: Online Medical Consultations Course, Pakistan

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Dec 2019:   Pan Arab Telehealth and AI Conference, Abu Dhabi 

Pan Arab Telemed Conf  (125).jpg

Sept 2017:  Patient Safety and Quality Conference, London, UK


April 2018:   Clinical Telemedicine Course, University of Health Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan

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