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The Project and the Team

Dr Suhail Chughtai  FRCS
Chairman: Medical City Online

An Orthopaedic Surgeon, a Medico-legal Examiner, a Microsoft Certified Specialist based in London, UK.


Dr Chughtai is a fellow of Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons, Glasgow, UK since 1993.  He has over 20 years of experience in Orthopaedics & Trauma in the capacity of a consultant in UK, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.  


Being a Microsoft Certified Specialist since 2001, has instructed over 30 Medical IT courses and delivered 60+ International Lectures on Telehealth topics in USA, UK, Pakistan, UAE and Saudi Arabia. 

Dr Chughtai is the lead concept designer of both Telehealth and Online Medical Education Software projects of Medical City Online.


He bridges gap between Healthcare and Medical IT industries which prevents a Software Project to suffer from "lost in translation" issues while preserving the originality of the software idea.​

His strength is an innovative approach to designing software solutions for Medical industry while succeeding to keep the user interface simple to minimize the learning curve of Healthcare Professionals who are already vulnerable to burn out due to work overload.

Dr Chughtai's creative work in the field of Telehealth has received international recognition.  Recent ones are:

May 2019:  Appointed as Chairman of Pan Arab Telemedicine Conference 2019 in UAE

April 2019:  Appointed as Head of Telemedicine Project with 100+ Tele-clinics deployment in Pakistan

October 2018:  3rd Commonwealth Digital Healthcare Awards – Sri Lanka for creative software ideas in Telemedicine and Online Medical Education

October 2018:  Received Annual Award of Innovation in Telemedicine Software by Association of Physicians of Pakistani Descent of North America

November 2018:  World Peace & Prosperity Foundation, United Kingdom for changing lives of people through software


September 2018: Was appointed as Ambassador for "Patientory Association", a USA based Blockchain Healthcare Firm for significant contribution to Telehealth



Medical City Online was founded by an experienced clinician and medical IT Expert with a view to a-z solution for Patient-Doctor Teleconsultation and Online Medical Training.  Special emphasis was placed to keep the learning curve low for all users whether a healthcare provider or a patient.

The project's experienced medical professionals with IT background not only design healthcare software structure but have the capacity and understanding to immerse the technology into e-Healthcare Solutions addressing following three problems:

  • Availability of Healthcare providers

  • Affordability of the Healthcare service

  • Volume and Capacity issue at large centers


The software development is monitored by the medical professionals at all stages to ensure it is conformity to the original concept and merging within the environment of medical practice.

Skilled Web & App developers including Live Video Embedding Specialists

Medical City Online is backed up by a growing team of highly experienced Industry specific Software Engineers and Designers who are motivated to create websites with visual flair that are user-friendly and built in compliance with the best-practice web standards. 

Particular emphasis is placed on keeping web page design professional, simple, easy to navigate and quick to download. The design is researched and created on the principles of Human Computer Interface Optimization. 

Our software team is qualified to provide technology consulting and business analysis, application maintenance and solution integration.

We are able to create solutions for an improved business efficiency, increased ROI cost-effectiveness, risk mitigation along with transparency and predictability.

Our multi-disciplinary software development team, time-proven processes, tools and techniques bring the highest level of quality to our growing range of services.

We are highly flexible to meet the needs of medical professionals looking for Healthcare and Online medical education related solutions. Our web prowess includes:

  • Technology Consulting

  • Software Prototyping

  • Custom Software Development

  • Enterprise Application Integration

  • Application Security

  • Virtualization Management

  • Software QA and Testing

  • Maintenance and Support​