Our Mission, Vision and Business

Medical City Online - Our Business


What we do?  

We design and develop Tele-health, Tele-education, peer to peer Tele-collaboration and Medical Conferences Management Software.  Using our own in-house skills, we design and develop sustainable public health tech eco-systems. 


We leverage the power of modern day hardware and software technology to address issues of access to healthcare to improve the service economy of healthcare care models along with setting up platforms for knowledge sharing and skills transfer.  

How we help Medical Professionals?  

By aligning the medical practice clinical models with the innovations emerging in care delivery, knowledge transfer and peer to peer collaboration along with Telehealth consulting, deployment, training and certification services


What is our purpose?

To advance cost effective, innovative clinical care delivery and medical training


What is our Goal?  To expand access to quality patient care and improve practice profitability though physician adoption and use of online technology


Who is our customer?  Medical and Allied Healthcare Professionals around the world engaged through digital medical services offered in a variety of subscription models


What is our client base?  The Medical Institutions and Healthcare organizations engaged in patient care delivery and medical education such as Medical Universities, Teaching and Private Hospitals, Healthcare Institutions from private, government or armed forces sectors


  • Drive the adoption of cutting edge Telemedicine technology based remote patient care  

  • Create the best-in-class web based medical educational platforms and digital e-health technology as solutions

  • To improve access to care and distribute medical practice innovation



Medical City Online targets to incorporate its current proprietary offerings into a full product line, accessible online through business efficient subscription and membership models.  The current range of software designed and developed by Medical City Online addresses following services:

  • Medical Tele-consultations

  • Creating Distance Learning Events

  • Peer to Peer Collaboration

  • Designing and Delivering Telemedicine Certificate Courses

  • Live Streaming of Medical Conferences, Shows, Interviews and connecting remote speakers into the events

  • Creating Medical Expertise Marketplace

  • Live Streaming of Medical Conferences

Future Business Platform

Medical City Online is working towards creating a Virtual Medical Campus for Global Physicians, connecting them to the future of care and medical education through innovative software tools.  The desireable result is to create an internatioal marketplace for Global Medical Community.

Business Vision

  • Become the global go-to partner that delivers remote care medical practice infrastructure.

  • Create a global community of medical professional engaged in e-Health and distance learning free of geographical boundaries driven by emerging digital platforms and communication technologies.

Our approach

Medical City Online is to have an elite club of highly qualified medical professionals, a one stop solution to Healthcare and Online Medical Education needs.


The aim is achievable through virtualization of Healthcare delivery & Online Medical Education, enabling access to these services free of any geographical or time limits, as portable as a mobile phone and as accessible as Internet.